La revista de l'Institut Euclides

Stuck in the moment

We’re an unending laugh,
a sound in the silence of space.
No more pain,
no more longer the need to worry.

I found my hand is holding yours
and I swear I’ve never felt more alive.
But I am cold as the wind blows
so hold me in your arms,
and don’t let me go
until the night turns into morning.

No matter how much trouble I get in,
I somehow always find my way back to you.
I’ve been feeling everything
From hate to love
From love to lust
From lust to truth
I guess that’s how much control you have over me.

Despite of all the imperfections of who I am
you always get to see the good in me.
I know the seasons may change
and sometimes,
love goes from sunshine to rain.
But I’m glad I was loved.
Not by anyone,
by you.

And if the past is a place without you and me together,
then stop living in it.

You gave me a love that consumed me,
passion and adventure.
And there’s nothing more that I could have asked for.
Except for it to last forever.
And I can’t help it.
I’m just stuck in the moment with you.


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